New Stuff: Furuno DRS4DL UHD Radar


Furuno’s new DRS4DL is high-power, compact UHD 4kW radar with a range of 36 nautical miles and featuring a compact 19” radome. The new antenna utilizes the same size dome as Furuno’s popular DRS2D; however, it contains a new transceiver with twice the power. Coupling higher power with a 5.2-degree horizontal beam width and Furuno’s automatic, real-time digital signal processing allows the DRS4DL to deliver super-clear targets.

The DRS4DL fits the NavNet TZtouch and TZtouch2 Radar line, making it a great option for smaller vessels and those with clearance constraints.

The new radome is also easy to install, and features a convenient “pigtail” cable for connection to both power and the NavNet network. The power consumption is a mere 23 watts TX and 10 watts STBY, thanks to the unit’s efficient circuitry.

Price: $1,800

Furuno U.S.A
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