New Stuff: Furuno RezBoost FCV588 & FCV628 Fishfinders


Furuno has introduced a third generation of its popular FCV588 and FCV628 series of fishfinders, both incorporating RezBoost technology for the first time in a stand-alone unit.

RezBoost signal-processing improves resolution and target separation when using conventional narrowband transducers. According to Furuno, RezBoost provides higher resolution and crisper targets, and improves the user’s ability to distinguish individual game fish around bait balls, as well as fish holding close to the seabed.

The new lineup consists of 2 models. The FCV628 (600W 50/200kHz) offers a 5.6″ color LCD, while the FCV588 (600W/1kW 50/200kHz) has an 8.4″ screen. Both units have the same look and footprint as their predecessors (the FCV620/FCV627 and FCV585/FCV587), making upgrading a breeze.

In addition to RezBoost, the new finders offer a Bottom Discrimination function (when connected to an appropriate transducer) that indicates whether the bottom is composed mainly of rocks, gravel, sand or mud. Meanwhile, the Accu-Fish function can detect the approximate size of the fish being marked and its depth below the boat. It can detect fish size from 4” up to about 6’ long, in depths from 7’ to well over 300’.

The new finders also feature post-processing gain control, which was previously only available on Furuno’s larger, commercial-grade fishfinders. Post-processing gain adjusts gain throughout the entire screen, allowing users to “dial-in” history then come back to get the fish they  may have missed.


  • FCV588 $1,595
  • FCV628 $895

Furuno U.S.A.