New Stuff: FUSION MS-RA70 Audio System

FUSION MS-RA70 web angle HR PRG

FUSION Entertainment has released a compact and cost-effective marine audio system comprising 2 models—the MS-RA70 and MS-RA70N. Featuring a sleek front face with a shallow-mount case design, both units deliver excellent sound quality via a marinized, space-saving chassis that allows for flexible installation options. Cost-effective and easy-to-use, they offer a powerful entertainment solution for boats with limited or crowded helm space.

The MS-RA70 allows independent control of the balance and volume levels in 2 separate audio zones. This Multi-Zone technology also includes naming of zones, linking of Zone 1 and 2 together, or setting volume limits. An additional line out and sub out are included and linked to Zone 1 for the optional inclusion of an amplified speaker set or subwoofer, with sub filter and sub level controls enabled in Zone 1.

With Bluetooth audio streaming, users can stream music from any compatible device to the MS-RA70. Boaters can enjoy audio apps such as Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music with the ability to skip tracks and adjust volume from both the stereo face and the connected device. The FUSION-Link Bluetooth remote app for Android and Apple devices is compatible with the MS-RA70 and allows the user to navigate available sources and browse music collections from compatible USB flash drives, as well as adjust zone volume from a smartphone or tablet. Mobile devices can be charged via the USB connector located at the rear of the unit or the FUSION MS-CBUSB3.5 panel-mount auxiliary connector that provides quick access to the USB socket.

The MS-RA70’s widescreen LCD is optically bonded to improve durability and eliminate the possibility of condensation or fogging. The display is also able to resist extreme temperatures and operate in direct sunlight. When mounted correctly, the front face of the unit is rated IPx7 waterproof. Further, the MS-RA70 is engineered with a glass-filled composite chassis to eliminate corrosion from dissimilar metals. A world’s first innovation, the unit can be installed conventionally on the dash or integrated into a glass helm with a flush surface finish by simply removing the faceplate trim and recessing the mount.

The MS-RA70N includes all of the features of the MS-RA70, as well as a standard NMEA 2000 connector for integration with existing networks. Using the FUSION-Link wired control, the MS-RA70N is fully compatible with multi-function displays from various manufacturers. When connected to a NMEA 2000 network, the MS-RA70N can communicate with any connected FUSION MS-NRX200i wired remote for added zone control throughout the vessel. With FUSION-Link, the user can control the entertainment experience directly from a chartplotter or multi-function display.