New Stuff: Shimano Pop Orca Popper

Pop ORCA 150 - lure2

Shimano’s new saltwater Pop Orca Popper features a unique “bubble chamber” mouth design based on how a jet engine turns low pressure into high pressure. It also makes the Pop ORCA much easier to work and more versatile than conventional poppers. The bubble chamber sprays water from the top of the lure or creates a large bubble trail when pulled subsurface. The 120 mm model features treble hooks, while the 150 mm size is rigged with singles.

The Pop Orca can be fished 3 ways: steady reeling, small sweeps of the rod for popping/chugging, or large sweeps to take the lure below the surface.

Available colors include black, blue sardine, green chartreuse, clear silver, pink silver, green mackerel and pink stripe.

Price: $28
Contact: Shimano