New Stuff: Simrad GO5 XSE Plotter/Fishfinder

GO7 GO5 XSE Group Shot HR PRG

The new Simrad GO5 XSE is a full-featured standalone marine chartplotter/fishfinder packed into a 5” display that’s perfect for sport boats and smaller coastal fishing boats. The GO5 XSE features a bright touchscreen display, internal 10 Hz GPS receiver, StructureScan HD and CHIRP Sonar, autopilot integration/control, engine data monitoring, full audio entertainment integration with SonicHub 2, integrated wireless connectivity and the Simrad TripIntelTM trip computer.

The GO5 XSE display offers intuitive multi-touch controls similar to a smartphone or tablet. Boaters can tap the screen to create or select waypoints, pinch-to-zoom, or tap-and-drag to pan smoothly across charts, while simple home screen and menu layouts allow quick access to all functions. Other features include adjustable split-screen views and customizable panel layouts with large, clearly captioned icons.

The GO5 XSE’s Cruise Charting page combines crucial navigation data and charts into an easy-to-read display, while new TripIntel technology tracks and displays the key information needed to plan a day on the water. TripIntel provides fuel range overlaid on charts, current and future tide levels, and a detailed history of previous trips including the route taken and how the boat performed. The Simrad GO5 XSE connects to any NMEA 2000-compatible equipment aboard a vessel, including outboard and inboard engines, as well as fuel flow, fluid level, speed, heading, and water temperature sensors and more. The chartplotter supports a range of cartograph from C-MAP MAX-N, Navionics, Insight, Insight Genesis and NV Digital Charts.

Anglers can take full advantage of the built-in sonar by adding a suitable transducer for accurate, real-time depth tracking and fishfinding. A scrollable depth history view lets boaters track back and easily set waypoints. StructureScan HD Imaging offers a picture-like view of the bottom on each side and beneath the boat with DownScan Imaging view, and CHIRP Sonar provides improved target identification at greater depths, a clearer display with less interference and enhanced target separation. ForwardScan sonar technology built into the GO5 XSE (transducer sold separately) also provides two-dimensional sonar views of the bottom ahead of your boat—a powerful defense against running aground, and a useful tool for locating suitable spots to anchor.

The Simrad SonicHub2 marine audio system brings complete control of on-the-water entertainment to the GO5 XSE display, eliminating the need for a separate stereo head-unit. Boaters can stream music from Bluetooth-connected tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, play MP3 files from a USB flash drive, or listen to the built-in AM/FM radio. For additional flexibility, the GoFree Controller App gives boaters the capability to tether the GO5 XSE to Android and IOS devices, mirroring the display’s screen on smartphones and providing full remote control via iPad.


$449 to $599 (depending on transducer)

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