Photo/Great Bay Waterkeeper, Cynthhia Irwin

A recent blog by the Conservation Law Foundation’s Peter Wellenberger addresses the issues of stormwater runoff pollution and the new Lawns to Lobsters program in Maine. Here’s an excerpt:

Stormwater continues to be a major source of pollution to New Hampshire’s Great Bay estuary. When it rains, runoff carries a wide range of pollutants— from dog waste and lawn fertilizers, to gasoline and oil, to heavy metals, nutrients and sediments—that flow into our waters with little or no treatment.

To combat this pollution, the UNH Stormwater Center and other local groups are working with Seacoast communities to implement projects at a neighborhood level to reduce the flow of untreated stormwater reaching the estuary. While many of these projects are small in scope, they demonstrate the value of dealing with stormwater close to home. One of the most interesting approaches is based on a program that was developed in Maine.

In 2009, the Kennebunkport Conservation Commission, in partnership with the University of New England, the Maine Lobstermen’s Association and others, developed the Lawns for Lobsters program. The program’s goal is to educate homeowners on steps they can take to ensure a healthy lawn with minimal impact on the environment. The program was also recently renamed Lawns to Lobsters, giving greater emphasis on the flow of water from our lawns to the ocean.

For more information about the Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper and my work to protect the Great Bay estuary CLICK HERE.

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