Photo Illustration, New England Boating.

Photo Illustration, New England Boating.

Block Island Times: The Block Island Land Trust’s meeting on Monday, December 9, was Harbormaster Steve Land’s first foray into presenting his proposal for a new facility to replace the existing Harbormaster’s “shack” near the Boat Basin. The current shack sits on a barge that, according to Land, only has 1 or 2 years left before the decking becomes too deteriorated to be used.

Land presented the Land Trust members with preliminary plans for a new dock and facility utilizing the K & H property, which the Land Trust owns and is located between the Mott’s property and Ball O’Brien park.

While acknowledging the generosity of the Oar Restaurant for providing bathroom facilities to the general public, Land noted that the facility is inadequate and overused, causing it to typically become “a mess” within an hour of being cleaned. “We’re bursting at the seams right now,” said Land. In his proposal, he envisions a facility that would include 10 bathroom stalls each, for men and women, and an equal number of showers.

Read more about the proposed harbormaster’s building on Block Island.


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