Helix Mooring System Photo/BoatMoorings.com

Helix Mooring System Photo/BoatMoorings.com

Due to a mitigation agreement with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and Army Corps of Engineers, MassPort has agreed to fund the installation of 70 environmentally friendly helix moorings in the outer harbor of Manchester by the Sea.

Manchester harbormaster Bion Pile and the 3 mooring installers that work in the area have determined that the bottom substrate in the outer harbor is compatible with helix moorings, which have a holding strength up to 5 times greater than traditional mooring anchors, and have chosen the Eco-Mooring System represented by BoatMoorings.com.

Unlike traditional moorings, which have long chains that drag along the bottom and disturb marine life and habitat, the Eco-Mooring system uses a high-strength elastic rode that runs in a direct line to the boat above.

For more information on the Eco-Moorings and other environmentally friendly mooring systems, visit the BoatMoorings.com website.

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