The R/V John B. Heiser at the Appledore dock Photo/Shoals Marine Laboratory/by Ron Sher/Appledore Island.

The R/V John B. Heiser at the Appledore dock Photo/Shoals Marine Laboratory/by Ron Sher/Appledore Island.

The Shoals Marine Laboratory is seeking a captain to run a boat at its Isles of Shoals program this summer.

The captain would 
work under the instruction of the Head Captain to operate and maintain the 47′ R/V John M. Kingsbury, the 36′ R/V John B. Heiser, several smaller watercraft (including Boston Whalers and inflatable boats), and waterfront facilities. He/she would also act as primary crewmember/deckhand and regularly serve in full capacity as captain aboard the R/V John M. Kingsbury and R/V John B. Heiser. During vessel operations, the captain would supervise at least one crewmember/deckhand, ensure the safety of passengers (including faculty, students, staff, and/or visitors), oversee the operation of laboratory and oceanographic equipment during open-water laboratories, instruct students and/or faculty in the use of oceanographic and navigational equipment.

Appropriate Coast Guard license is required. Good communication skills and a strong interest in education are recommended.

Free room and board are provided on Appledore Island. Days off could be spent in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Link to the job posting on the Shoals Marine Lab website.

The Shoals Marine Lab is a residential, teaching facility, where students, faculty and staff all live together on Appledore Island in a close-knit, learning community. Room, board (on Appledore) and transportation between the mainland and SML are provided. Staff are housed in private rooms (separately from students) in Bartels Hall. Staff dine in Kiggins Commons  with the island community. Positions are full-time. The work week is 5 days long, and the hours worked each day depend upon a complex academic calendar. All staff serve the island community as a team with each department working together to support SML’s academic programs.

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