Photo/Cape Cod Maritime Museum

Larry Hall, an engineer and widely experienced navigator of ocean sailing yachts, along with yacht designer Bill Cook, will conduct a class on the principles of celestial navigation at the Cape Cod Maritime Museum in Hyannis.

The class is designed for anyone interested in the science behind the celestial navigation that is so important to our maritime history. The class begins at the museum with an explanation of the concepts related to how it all works. Next, students will proceed to Kalmus Beach (weather permitting) to take some actual sights. At the beach, the instructors will emphasize the noon Sun Sight, which gives the navigator his latitude, but also shows how this technique can be extended to provide any line of position, using accurate time.

Date and Time: September 24 from 11:00 am-1:00pm (rain date October 1)

Cost: $35 non-members, $28 members

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