The Westerly Sun: Plans to dredge 2 inlets in the Stonington-Groton area are progressing, even despite a limp economy and federal and state budget deficits.

A third project has just been recently completed.

According to Major General Michael J. Walsh of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, federal monies that were once sparse have trickled back into ACOE coffers due to aid packages approved by the U.S. Congress to deal with the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene in 2011 and Superstorm Sandy in 2012. The funds are too small to finance the projects on ACOE’s agenda but some things, he said, can be accomplished.

“It’s no secret that we cannot do anything without the funding, so sometimes these projects stay at a standstill. It makes no sense to conduct a study of an area when you know there isn’t any money to do the work for a while,” he said. “We have seen some funds come in because of Sandy and Irene and that has enabled us to keep some of these projects moving. They might be moving slowly but they are moving forward.”

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