The wooden scow Seeker in June, 2012. Photo/BoatingLocal, Tom Richardson.

MV Gazette: Ted Box of Vineyard Haven hopes to launch his 70-plus-foot schooner, a scow, in June [2013]. The building of the wooden boat in full view on a vacant lot of the Boch property off Beach Road is visually arresting. The boatbuilding project began over a year ago and is picking up pace.

Recently, Mr. Box took a break from putting in one of the cypress planks to talk with the Gazette. A heavy plank measuring 20’ in length, 7” wide and 2 ” thick was ready to be secured. Attaching the plank, alone and by hand, is more than a tactical dance. Each board is very heavy and bending one requires a lot of force. With the help of leverage, an old metal clamp and 50 years of boatbuilding, Mr. Box makes the work look easier than it is.

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MV Gazette

To watch a video on Vineyard Haven featuring the Seeker taking shape last June, CLICK HERE.


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