Penobscot River/Photo Peneobscot River Restoration Trust.

Penobscot River/Photo Peneobscot River Restoration Trust.

Bangor Daily News: In 1840, William Parrot and Zebulon Bradley were engaged by the owners of T6 R11 WELS to explore the feasibility of redirecting the flow of water on the Allagash headwater lakes. They determined that if a dam was constructed at the natural outlet of Chamberlain Lake — now called Lock Dam — and a short canal was dug at the south end of Telos Lake, water could be diverted into Webster Lake and down the East Branch of the Penobscot River.

Lock Dam was constructed the next year. A canal was dug — Telos Cut — and Telos dam was built at the outlet of the lake to control the flow of water that had been diverted from flowing down the Allagash. With the raising of the waters the task of changing the flow from north to south was accomplished. Allagash Pine logs could now be driven to the lucrative lumber market in Bangor!

Read more about the Telos Dam.


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