Atlantis at dock in Woods Hole. Image courtesy of John Paul Tolson, NOAA Ocean Service

Atlantis at dock in Woods Hole. Image courtesy of John Paul Tolson, NOAA Ocean Service

The Ocean Explorium will open its doors for the second complimentary Family Science Night on Thursday, March 20, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.  “Life Without Sunlight” is the theme for this event, related to the exhibit “Life, Smoke, and Fire – Underwater:  Deep Sea Vents Explored”, which includes artifacts from expeditions to the deep sea floors.

Visitors will have an opportunity to meet Woods Hole Chief Scientist Dr. Stefan Sievert. Dr. Sievert will place a call to the research vessel Atlantis, working in the Gulf of Mexico, to speak with Dr. Dorsey Wanless, Geology and Geophysics Postdoctoral Fellow.

Visitors to the Ocean Explorium can ask questions of the scientists onboard the research vessel.
The Ocean Explorium’s own Explorer in Residence, Rhonda Moniz, will also be on hand. Ms. Moniz is founder and director of operations for Benthic Exploration, a company that specializes in marine technology including ROV, AUV, side scan, and sub-bottom profiling technology.

There will be hands-on activities and special Science on a Sphere presentations.

For more information about the research go to the expedition website.

Learn more about the Ocean Explorium and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution outreach collaboration.


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