Oyster Harbors Marine of Osterville and Hyannis, Massachusetts, will be a new dealer for Jupiter Boats of Florida. With models ranging from 26’ to 41’, Jupiter specializes in building fast, rugged, and technologically advanced offshore fishing boats.

“We’re excited to team up with Jupiter,” said Peter Maryott, vice president of Oyster Harbors. “We think it’s a very customized boat that offers a lot of unique features that our customers have been asking about. They give us several models that we don’t currently have. And there is a lot of customization that the company is willing to do, so if one of our clients has an idea, they’re willing to entertain that idea.”

Jupiters are built under the direction of president Carl Herndon, best known as the founder and CEO of Blackfin Yacht Corporation and former president of Bertram Yacht, where he earned the reputation for building some of the world’s most popular and respected sportfishing yachts.

Oyster Harbors Marine is a full-service marina and dealership with locations in Osterville and Hyannis on Cape Cod.

To see Jupiter boats on the Oyster Harbors website CLICK HERE.


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