If you see this Sea-Doo online for sale or receive any information, please call the R.I. State Police, (401-444-1068).

David Waters, who displayed his Sea-Doo rigged for fishing at the New England Saltwater Fishing Show this past weekend, had his PWC and trailer stolen while returning to Connecticut on Sunday night, March 10.

He is asking people to keep and eye out for the white-and-yellow Sea Doo, which is rigged with multiple chrome rod holders on the helm and chassis, plus a bar for the fishfinder surrounding the helm and a chrome cooler holder on the stern. The trailer is black and bears the words “Yacht Club Trailers” on the side.

Here is Waters’ description of what happened:

“On my drive back to Connecticut I was having issues with one of the bearings on my trailer near exit 7 on I-95. I pulled over and luckily there was a Wal-Mart right near the exit. I moved the ski off the side of the road and I went inside to buy what I needed, and in less then 45 minutes came back to the spot and my PWC and trailer were gone. I figured maybe a tow truck already got it but the state police said they would have already known about it.

“They believe it has been stolen and have already notified all local as well as police in Connecticut. The Sea-Doo sticks out like a sore thumb because of how it’s rigged for fishing, of course.”

If anyone sees the Sea Doo, please call the Hope Valley Police Barracks at (401-444-1068).

You can also contact David Waters, davidwaters@gmail.com, www.seadoodave.com.

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