Ten Mile River in Attleborough Falls (MA). Photo/Wikipedia (2010)

Ten Mile River in Attleborough Falls (MA). Photo/Wikipedia (2010)

EastBayRI: The [Rhode Island] Department of Environmental Management will hold an informational meeting on Wednesday, January 8, to discuss the draft water-quality restoration plan for the Ten Mile River. The meeting will take place from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the Weaver Library at 41 Grove Ave. in East Providence.

The Ten Mile River and its impoundments, Central Pond, Turner Reservoir, and Omega Pond do not meet state water quality standards for total phosphorus, dissolved oxygen, pathogens, and the following metals: aluminum, cadmium, lead, and iron. These water quality impairments adversely affect both recreational use and aquatic life. As a result of the elevated phosphorus levels, the river and its impoundments frequently experience excessive growth of rooted aquatic plants and algae, low dissolved oxygen levels and cyanobacteria blooms. These nuisance conditions impact aquatic life, and in the case of cyanobacteria blooms, make the river unsafe for recreation.

Read more about the meeting concerning the 10 Mile River in Rhode Island.


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