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Camp SoundWaters in Stamford, Connecticut, is a unique day camp that offers kids a hands-on, up-close and personal experience in exploring and learning about nature, from nature, on the shores of Long Island Sound. It also offers small-boat sailing lessons on the Sound.

While the SoundWaters 80’ schooner survived Hurricane Sandy unscathed, damage to the group’s Coastal Education Center was extensive. The storm waters filled the basement, destroyed the boat shed and caused significant interior damage.

Members spent a week in clean-up mode, filling 2 dumpsters with debris and disinfecting educational and safety gear. They were also able to triage the aquarium and keep the water quality livable for the marine life, but many of the aquarium systems will need to be replaced.

The initial estimate of storm-related damage is $100,000 in educational and safety gear, aquarium equipment, small boats, and building damage. Insurance will cover some of the loss, but not all, so the group is seeking donations to help with recovery.

Click here to donate to SoundWaters storm recovery fund

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