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On February 25, the Boat House in Tiverton, Rhode Island, will host the first segment of the Spring 2013 Eating with the Ecosystem sustainable seafood series. Eating with the Ecosystem is a traveling dinner series that started in 2012. The project aims to “embrace a community-driven approach to sustainable seafood—one that is both ecologically sensitive and good for the local fishing economy,” according to the Newport Restaurant Group, which owns the Boat House.

The dinner at the Boat House will feature seafood of the Southern New England marine ecosystem, an area of water stretching from Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island’s coastal salt ponds to the edge of the continental shelf. Chef Jonathan Cambra will present a creative menu showcasing a diverse sampling of seafood items from local shores and waters. Meanwhile, scientist Jeremy Collie and fisherman Billy Silvia will narrate the event, enabling diners to envision and understand the bountiful yet vulnerable ecosystem that produced the evening’s fare.

“This is what the local food movement is about, eating locally and sourcing our food from the right people for our guests” said Chef Cambra. “I am very passionate about our local fishing community, and my duties as a chef are to take these amazing foods that are so passionately cared for, and cook them with the same intensity and love that our local farmers and fisherman have for what they do.”

Tickets to the event at the Boat House cost $60 (drinks included). Guests are invited to leave donations to Eating with the Ecosystem at the end of the dinner. Reservations are available through the restaurant at (401) 624-6300.

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