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Kingman Yacht Center on Red Brook Harbor, Cape Cod, has put together a good list of winterizing projects that should be performed each fall to protect your boat from moisture, freezing and corrosion damage during storage:

  • Drain all freshwater tanks, including heaters; winterize with non-toxic antifreeze.
  • Winterize all other plumbing, including fresh- and saltwater pumps and drains, air conditioning, refrigeration, all water-using appliances, washdown pumps, toilets, holding tanks, etc.
  • Change engine oil and filter, lube and gear oil.
  • Run and fog engine.
  • Drain water from engine.
  • Winterize cooling systems with non-toxic antifreeze.
  • Check belts and hoses; steering and trim.
  • Lubricate shift and throttle cables.
  • If the boat is stored on land, remove batteries, bring to full charge, store in dry place, trickle-charge, check water.
  • Top off fuel tanks to minimize fuel contamination with water from condensation. Add stabilizers/conditioners to prevent gumming in gasoline or algae in diesel.
  • Coat exposed electrical
 terminals and junction blocks with protective film.
  • Inspect and properly store sails, canvas bimini tops, dodgers, or 
vinyl curtains and cushions.
  • Install air treatment in enclosed areas to help prevent the formation of mold and mildew.

Learn more about Kingman Yacht Center and its full-service marina.


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