NH Lobster Trap, Fishing Gear Cleanup Planned

A load of dereclict lobster traps on deck.
A load of dereclict lobster traps on deck.

Commercial fishermen and volunteers will descend on New Hampshire’s beaches on Saturday, April 23 to collect derelict lobster traps and other fishing gear that winter storms have washed up on the shoreline.

All individuals with a lobster trap license of any kind are invited to participate in the trap cleanup. The event will begin at 7:30 a.m. in both Rye Harbor and the Hampton Harbor State Marina.

This year’s trap cleanup effort is a partnership between the New Hampshire Commercial Fishermen’s Association, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, the New Hampshire Division of Ports and Harbors, and Hampton Public Works Department, as well as NH Department of Environmental Services and the Great Bay Stewards who are proving funding for disposal of the gear.

Last year, more than 60 commercial fishermen helped clean up more than 14 tons of lobster traps and fishing gear during the annual cleanup effort.

The general public is reminded that lobster pots and traps are private property. State law prohibits anyone but the gear owner or a NH Fish and Game Conservation Officer from possessing or moving them.  To learn more about lobster harvesting, CLICK HERE