NH Skating Rink Named for Fay’s Boatyard Owner

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On Friday, March 25, Merrill P. Fay of Fay’s Boatyard on Lake Winnipesaukee was honored by the Lakes Region Youth Hockey Association, the Winnipesaukee Skating Club, friends, family and former Boston Bruins for his efforts behind the Laconia Skating Arena, which will now be called the Merrill P. Fay Arena.

According to the Laconia Citizen, Fay’s work to foster skating and hockey in the Lakes Region dates back to when he built a small rink on the frozen lake behind the boatyard after taking over the family business in 1958. He later built a more permanent rink on Varney Point. In 1989, Fay bought 7 acres of land on which the current arena is built, and helped raise money for its construction.

“There’s nobody more responsible for this place, there’s nobody who’s done more for it, before it was built and after it was built,” said Jay Meegan, president of the non-profit Winnipesaukee Skating Club, which oversees the arena. “He started to think: with youth hockey developing, let’s find a way to build a proper rink. He doesn’t play. He doesn’t even skate, and so most of it came out of his love of watching the joy that other people got out of it.”

The ceremony honoring Fay was attended by former Bruins players Bruce Crowder and Rick “Nifty” Middleton.

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