Niantic River Channel Closure Update: 10.1.12

Photo/New England, Tom Richardson

Due to gearbox damage on the Old Lyme drawbridge over the Connecticut River and the emergency repairs underway, some service staff had to be reallocated away from the Niantic railroad bridge project, thereby affecting the channel closure schedule for this week.

Full channel closures on the Niantic this week will now occur Tues./Wed. and Wed./Thurs. (10/2-3 and 10/3-4).

The new bridge is in place and is operating normally. The old span is being disassembled in place and some channel closures are necessary for the remainder of the girder removal.

Revised bridge-work schedule:


  • Tuesday 10/2: 2200 hrs. to Wednesday 10/3 0600 hrs. Full channel obstruction
  • Wednesday 10/3: 2200 hrs. to Thursday 10/4 0600 hrs. Full channel obstruction
  • Thursday 10/18: 2200 hrs. to Friday 10/19 0600 hrs. Full channel obstruction
  • Friday 11/2: 2200 hrs. to Saturday 11/3 0600 hrs. Full channel obstruction


  • Mid-October through November: Partial channel obstruction (45′ open)
  • November through January: Partial channel obstruction
  • January through March: Partial channel obstruction
  • Maintain contact with the bridge operator on Ch13 VHF during all passages of movable railbridges.

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