Norcold Portable Refrigerators Great for Boating

Thetford Marine has introduced 3 new NRF (Norcold Refrigerator Freezer) portable refrigerator/freezers. The NRF-30 has a capacity of 1.06 cu. ft. or the equivalent of 42 cans of soda or beer, while the NRF-45 boasts 1.59 cu. ft. and can accommodate 64 cans. The largest model, the NRF-60, has 2.12 cu. ft. to hold 86 cans.

The NRF models utilize CFC-free foam insulation and refrigerant to work better than traditional coolers, which require ice. A separate freezer-only section helps users freeze select items, while an easy-to-clean removable wire basket provides convenience and organization. The stainless steel interior prevents staining and improves cooling.

The sealed compressor has built-in, low-voltage protection, while the electronic control panel displays the internal temperature and allows the user to set the desired temperature. An indicator light alerts owners to installation issues, such as improper ventilation or high ambient temperature. To prevent battery drain, the NRFs offer 3 levels of battery protection and automatically turn back on when the proper voltage level is achieved.

Other features include a corrosion-proof plastic exterior and heavy-duty, removable handles. A reversible, removable hinge lid is included, along with a DC power cord with cigarette-lighter plug and a 2-year limited warranty. An optional adapter allows AC operation, and an optional carrying case helps protect the units.

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