North Rip 21: A Stylish, Well-Built Center Console

North Rip 21
The North Rip 21 boasts the lines and bow flare of a Carolina sportfisherman.

Pearson Composites of Warren, Rhode Island, builder of True North cruising yachts and Alerion sailboats, has just unveiled a new line of sportfishing boats.

The brand is called North Rip, and the line is being launched with the NR21, a sweet-looking center console with the bold lines and Carolina flare of a classic offshore sportfisherman. The 21 is built using the SCRIMP resin-infusion process and Core Cell foam coring to produce a light, fast boat that can be powered by smaller, more efficient engines. In addition, the boat is light enough (2,400 pounds) for easy trailering with smaller vehicles. And if you have any doubt in the confidence Pearson places in the construction process, the 20-year hull warranty should put you at ease.

In terms of performance, the NR21 has a top end of 50 mph and a 185-nm range when powered by a 200-hp Evinrude. The 20-degree transom deadrise and sharp entry provide a smooth ride when running through stiff inshore chop, while the wide, flared bow deflects water and provides additional buoyancy in rough seas.

The interior features lots of rod storage, oversized gutters and scuppers, a live well/seat in front of the console and a beefy leaning post with under-seat storage box. There is lots of uncluttered space all around the boat, and the deck has Pearson’s patented RipSkid surface for great traction and easy cleaning. The center console with storage locker inside is well proportioned, and features a large, angled panel to accommodate a big-screen multifunction display.

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  • LOA:  20’ 9”
  • Beam:  8’
  • Draft:  1’ 2”
  • Dry weight:  2,400 lbs.
  • Max hp:  200
  • Fuel 90 gals.
  • Transom deadrise:  20 degrees
  • Base price w/ 200-hp Evinrude outboard:  $62,000

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