Getting There

Charts: NOAA 13237, 13241

Madaket Harbor chart

To reach Madaket from the Nantucket Harbor entrance, head west to the R “2” bell and pick up the channel markers leading past Eel Point and into Madaket Harbor. Use caution, as the channel is quite narrow and surrounded by shoals. There is 6 feet of water inside the channel. (If you’re new to the area, you might want to approach on a rising tide in case you ground).

Once you reach Hither Creek, you can tie up briefly at Jackson Point Landing (at the north end of Massachusetts Ave.) or the F Street landing (farther upcreek) to unload. Both landings are a short walk to the public shuttle bus. Continue up the creek and you’ll find Madaket Marine (508-228-1163,, which offers fuel, repair and a ship’s store.

Note that there are no transient moorings or overnight slips available in Madaket Harbor, so the only options are to anchor or keep your boat in Nantucket Harbor. To reach the latter from Nantucket Sound, plot a course for the RW “NB” Bell marking the harbor entrance. The jetties will be straight ahead. (Note that the jetties are often covered at high tide, and many careless boaters have ended up on the rocks. Pay close attention to the markers, especially at night, and take it slow.) Follow the channel past Brant Point and hail one of the following mooring services or marinas.
Moorings in Nantucket Harbor can be acquired through Nantucket Moorings (508-228-4472), Nantucket Boat Basin (800-626-2628), or the town pier and harbormaster (508-228-7261). The harbor launch can be hailed on VHF 68 or by calling (508-228-8565).

Dockage, Moorings and Service

  • Madaket Marine (508-228-1163): Offers fuel, repair and a ship’s store. Does not offer transient slips or moorings.

Moorings, slips and marine services are also available in nearby Nantucket Harbor at the following locations:




  • A well-protected anchorage is located inside of Eel Point, to the east of the channel leading into Madaket Harbor. The bottom here has a mean low-water depth of 3 feet and is fairly hard. Once anchored, you can dinghy into one of the landings (there’s a rack at Jackson Point) or call Capt. Fred Lindquist (508-221-3371) for a lift. For questions on anchoring in Madaket Harbor, contact the Nantucket Marine Department (508-228-7261).


Launch Ramps

  • A small launch ramp is located at the end of Massachusetts Ave., on Jackson Point, near the entrance to Hither Creek.

Boat & Kayak Rental


  • The West End Market, a short walk from the harbor, carries beach supplies, T-shirts, gift items, postcards and limited groceries, including bread, eggs, juice, cheese, milk and soda (no beer or wine). If you need more, you’re better off shopping in Nantucket Harbor. For a complete listing of Nantucket restaurants and other businesses, go to

Getting Around

  • The one-stop website for getting around Nantucket—be it on foot, bike, bus or taxi—is Wheels, Heels and Pedals. Here you’ll find information on bike rentals, tours, bike paths, bus routes and much more.

Biking, of course, is a great way to see Nantucket, and several companies will deliver bikes (plus helmets, child carts, locks and more) right to your rental cottage or home.

  • Nantucket Bike Shop (800-228-1999): Bike and scooter rental. Will deliver.
  • Easy Riders (508-325-2722): Bike rentals.

Nantucket’s public transportation service, the NRTA, provides a cheap, convenient way to get around the island. Cost per one-way trip from Madaket to Nantucket Harbor is $2.

Things to See & Do

  • Attractions in Madaket are mostly of the natural kind. On the ocean side, Madaket Beach is a popular spot for surfing, kiteboarding and swimming, while the quiet harbor and Hither Creek invites kayaking and wading in the sandy shallows.

Where to Eat

  • Madaket’s lone restaurant and bar is Millie’s (508-228-8435), which serves a wide range of lunch and dinner items, as well as take-out items. Millie’s opened in 2010, replacing the West End restaurant, and offers affordable meals. The restaurant is a short stroll from the harbor.

Where to Stay

  • Rental cottages and homes in the Madaket area can be arranged through many of Nantucket’s real-estate agencies, including The Maury People. For a list of hotels, inns and B&Bs, complete with customer ratings and prices, visit TripAdvisor.
  • Three Buoys (617-471-3131): Rental cottage.

General Information