Old Harbor Dock Project Resumes

The renovation of the Old Harbor Dock on Rhode Island’s Block Island is set to restart tomorrow, but concerns over the project remain.

Chart of Old Harbor

According to a report in the Block Island Times, the $2.7-million project was delayed for 10 months when fuel contamination was found in the soil. The removal of the contaminated soil, set to begin tomorrow, is expected to take 10 to 14 days, after which the actual renovation can resume.

However, residents and some officials have raised concerns that the delay and unexpected costs — stemming from such things as the soil mitigation and alterations to the dock design — could hurt the project. The biggest concern centers around the new harbormaster shack. A final design still hasn’t been settled on for the building, and some officials worried the rushed timeline could mean they get stuck with a building they don’t like. Officials have voiced concerns over the proposed building’s layout and aesthetics, and they worry that other project costs could hurt the building’s financing.

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