Park Service to Offer Boat Tours of Salem Lighthouse

Baker's Island Light sits on the northeast corner of Bakers Island, a few miles east of Salem Harbor. Photo courtesy Wikipedia (2008).

The Salem News reports that the National Park Service has received funding to purchase a boat that will be used to shuttle visitors to Baker’s Island, some 3 miles off the entrance to Salem Harbor, Massachusetts.

Chart of Baker's Island

Six years ago the U.S. Department of the Interior designated the Essex National Heritage Commission the new owners of the historic light station on Baker’s Island, the first step in making the 10-acre historic site on the island’s northern tip accessible to the public. The designation was challenged by summer residents, whose homes occupy most of the 55-acre island and who submitted a competing proposal of their own. In 2006, a federal judge tossed out their lawsuit.

Baker's Island Light, c1925, courtesy USCG.

In late 2010, the National Park Service received word it had been awarded a $250,000 federal transportation grant that will allow the purchase of a boat to take tour groups out to Baker’s Island. The Park Service plans to buy a landing craft, which will carry a dozen or more people and a ranger out to the island. Under the current plan, passengers will walk down a bow ramp and onto the rocky shore.

According to the Salem News, it is unlikely that the tours will start this season.

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