Pendleton Tanker Wreckage Found off Cape Cod

Jacobs ladder dangling over her side, the stern of the SS PENDLETON sits forlornly on a sand bar off the coast of Cape Cod. Official USCG Photo; ELC 1CGD; photo by Richard C. Kelsey, Chatham, MA.

CapeCodOnline: The waters off Cape Cod are known as a graveyard for ships that fail to round the peninsula’s greedy, outstretched arm.

The Rescue Boat CG36500 returned to the Chatham Fish Pier with 32 survivors of the tanker PENDLETON after the rescue at sea. Official USCG Photo; photo by Richard C. Kelsey, Chatham, MA.

Now local divers and shipwreck enthusiasts have a watery destination that is both eerily familiar and brand new: a recently discovered section of the Pendleton, one of two large tankers that split in half off the Cape during a storm in February 1952.

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