Pettit Protect Mica Shield Paint

Pettit Protect HR PRGPettit Paint has introduced its most advanced premium epoxy primer to date, according to the company. Pettit Protect with Mica Shield Technology is heavy-duty, 2-component, epoxy coating that provides maximum resistance in both fresh and salt water.

Unlike other epoxy primers that use granular mica, Pettit Protect incorporates slate mica into the epoxy resin, which is longer, wider and overlaps like shingles on a roof.

Well suited to any pleasure-craft application, Pettit Protect protects against osmotic blistering and is specially formulated for “tenacious adhesion”, making it an ideal primer for new boats. Its high-solids formula also allows for quick and easy application with fewer coats necessary to be effective, and also offers dependable corrosion protection on all underwater metals.

Pettit Protect is available in gray and white, specifically designed for use below white and light-colored bottom paints.

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