Plastic Sewage Disks Washing Up On Beaches

Health officials in New Hampshire and Massachusetts are warning people to stay away from thousands of plastic disks that have begun washing up on the area’s beaches. The disks recently broke free from a sewage treatment plant in Hooksett, New Hampshire, where they are essentially placed in sewage and used to soak up and consume bacteria.

According to a report on, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services officials said tests done on a sampling of the disks found in New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts had so far shown no contamination with E. coli bacteria. However, they still advised the public to treat all discs as though they may contain the harmful bacteria, which, if ingested, can cause serious illness.

The disks are small, white, mesh circles roughly two inches in diameter. An accident at the treatment facility on March 6 led to hundreds of thousands of disks accidentally being released into the Merrimack River. Officials have temporarily closed Seabrook Beach in Seabrook, New Hampshire and Coffin’s Beach in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and they say discs may continue to wash ashore in other areas over the next couple of days.

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