Plymouth, MA, Oyster Farmers Stymied by Ice


Reducing Marsh Erosion on the Narrow River, RI
Bagged oyster shells, photo/The Nature Conservancy

WickedLocal Plymouth reports on how local oyster farmers and other watermen were unable to get out of the inner harbor in Plymouth, MA, due to the amount of ice this winter. According to the article, Plymouth Harbormaster Chad Hunter made several ice-breaking runs when the ice began to build up several weeks ago, but had to give up when it got to be 2” thick.

The town asked the Coast Guard for assistance in breaking the ice, but Plymouth is apparently a low priority for the service’s ice-breaking operations.

Although mature oysters can usually withstand cold temperatures, the shore-bound shellfishermen were unable to harvest the bivalves, and are therefore feeling an economic pinch.

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