Point 65 Martini Modular Kayak

Point 65 is a Swedish kayak manufacturer that offers some very innovative products. The modular design of these lightweight, rotomolded polyethylene kayaks makes them easy to store and transport, and allows the user to add or remove sections to easily create solo, tandem and even triple-seat kayaks.

The Martini is a comfortable, stable and versatile high-performance recreational touring kayak. Snap in a midsection piece and the solo transforms into a 13’ 8” tandem model. Add another midsection and it becomes a triple.

The Martini is easy to handle, both on and off the water. Thanks to Point 65’s Snap-Tap system, the various sections can be taken apart and re-assembled in seconds. The hull is a rigid high-performance design that features padded seats and thigh braces, cup holders, an integrated rudder and easily adjustable rudder pedals, as well as a large, oval dry hatch aft and a smaller round bow hatch to access the watertight compartments.

Designed for comfort and stability, the Martini can be ordered with a protective spray skirt to cover the cockpit. The recess in front of each cockpit accommodates rod holders and other gear.


  • Martini Tandem: $1,299
  • Martini Solo: $799

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Assembly of Point65 Martini


How to assemble and dis-assemble a Point65 Martini Tandem.