Portland Mayor Discusses Ferry Service with Nova Scotia Officials

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Portland, Maine, Mayor Michael Brennan and Portland City Manager Mark Rees recently met with Province of Nova Scotia officials to discuss the efforts underway to re-establish ferry service between Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and Portland. After the meeting, the Nova Scotia officials toured 2 city port facilities, the Ocean Gateway International Marine Terminal and the International Marine Terminal, both capable of supporting a ferry and freight service between the communities.

“Restoring the ferry service between our 2 ports has been a priority for both communities, and I am very encouraged by the steps my counterparts in Nova Scotia have taken to attract a stable ferry service that could serve our two countries for many years to come,” stated Brennan. “Portland and Yarmouth have enjoyed a close relationship for generations and we have both benefitted from the economic and tourism opportunities associated with the ferry service. I along with city and state officials will continue to support this initiative and will work closely with the governments of Yarmouth and Nova Scotia to see this service restored.”

Earlier this month, the Province of Nova Scotia released a request for proposals (RFP) for a marine ferry operator to operate a commercially viable international cruise ferry service between Yarmouth and Portland. The province has committed up to $21 million in financial assistance over seven years for this initiative. The service’s focus will be primarily on seasonal tourism-related passengers and vehicle traffic, however, freight services and extended operating seasons would be considered as supplements to the service. Proposals are due by January 24, 2013. For more detailed information on the RFP, CLICK HERE. (RFP #60145162).

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