NH Boaters Warned to Watch Their Wakes


The following message from the New Hampshire Port Authority Office was issued to marinas along the Piscataqua River and Great Bay regarding large boat wakes on the river:

Watch Your Wake!
The 2014 boating season found the New Hampshire State Police-Marine
Patrol Bureau receiving numerous reports of property damage and
personal injury caused by the large wakes of boats transiting the Piscataqua
River. These wakes were often caused by large-displacement-hulled boats
that are docked/moored on both sides of the river.

 As a result, members of the Piscataqua River community have begun
exploring speed/wake restrictions on the river. The areas of greatest
concern stretch from Fort Point to the I-95 Bridge. Evidence of damage to
docks, boats, cleats, tackle, lines, etc. have been documented. In addition,
serious injuries, including falls, have occurred on both the Maine and New
Hampshire sides of the river.

 The NH State Police-Marine Patrol reminds all boat operators that they are
responsible for any damage/injury caused by their wakes. Mariner tradition
and common courtesy dictates that operators refrain from throwing
dangerous wakes in the areas of fuel docks, yacht clubs, mooring fields, and
public and private docking facilities. In addition, State law requires all
boaters to travel at headway speed (No Wake Speed) while passing under
the Memorial, Sarah Long, and General Sullivan Bridges.

 Please be reminded that many factors determine the size of a boat’s wake.
The amount of fuel aboard, weight of the load/catch you’re carrying, and
the speed you travel… all have a direct impact on the size of your wake.
With everyone’s cooperation and attention, we can keep the Piscataqua
River a safe place for all.