Portuguese Man of Wars in Westport River

Portuguese man of war
Portuguese man of war. From Wikimedia Commons.

A Massachusetts man spotted several Portuguese man-of-wars in the Westport River on Sunday, June 30, according to an article on SouthCoastToday.com.

Robert T. Mercer Jr., who owns Bob’s Sea and Ski on Popes Island, said that he saw several man-of-wars while he and his family were out on the river. They included a dead man-of-war stuck to the dock at the Westport Yacht Club and live ones under the Route 88 Bridge and in the river.
Man-of-wars have tentacles that they use to deliver a powerful sting that can be very painful to humans. According to National Geographic, these tentacles can extend 165′ below the surface, although 30′ is more the average.

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