Potential Newburyport Water Taxi Hits Roadblocks

Capt. Bill  Taplin. Photo from NewburyPort Citizen Profile
Capt. Bill Taplin. Photo from NewburyPort Citizen Profile


Newburyport News: For 16 years, Bill Taplin has tried to unravel the red tape preventing him from running a simple water taxi 3 miles across the Merrimack River, from Newburyport’s waterfront to Salisbury Beach State Reservation.

Although state agencies repeatedly toss up roadblocks, the 36-year veteran boat captain hasn’t given up hope.

“I put in my first application for this in 1999; can you believe it!” Taplin said. “I’ve been a pit bull on this. I’ve been nipping at their ankles for so long.”

The notion is not complex. Run of a schedule of 3 or 4 round-trips a day, Taplin wants to transport people between Salisbury and Newburyport across water, eliminating traffic on heavily used state roads, Route 1 (Lafayette Road) and Route 1A (Beach Road). Both roads can back up like a log jam during hot summer weekends, due to tourist and residential traffic trying to reach Salisbury Beach or Newburyport.


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