Project Aims to Protect Narragansett Coast from Future Storms

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 5.01.30 PM Leading climate scientists, engineers, designers and scholars recently collaborated to create comprehensive resiliency design proposals for vulnerable coasts along the North Atlantic, such as Rhode Island’s.

Structures of Coastal Resilience (SCR), a Rockefeller Foundation-supported project dedicated to providing resilient design proposals for urban coastal environments, focuses on 4 vulnerable coastal areas: Narragansett Bay; Jamaica Bay in New York; Atlantic City in New Jersey; and Norfolk, Virginia.

Each of the above locations feature ongoing projects by the Army Corps of Engineers, and each is highly prone to flooding and socioeconomic vulnerability, according to project officials. The goal of SCR is provide actionable project recommendations for hurricane protection and climate adaptation.

“The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy highlighted the vulnerability of urban coastal areas to the effects of catastrophic storms and climate change,” said Guy Nordenson, SCR’s project director. “Coastal communities must adapt planning strategies to mitigate the risk posed by these natural hazards.”

Learn more details about the coastal protection plan for Narragansett Bay.