Pump-Out Boat Named

You may remember that back in September, New England Boating reported (prior story link) on the town of Salisbury, Massachusetts, requesting names for their new pump-out boat.

Well the suggested names came in and the vote was taken. The new pump-out boat, and its name makes perfect sense.

Area boaters looking for a pump-out will now hail the Down-Winder.

According to the Eagle-Tribune, the winner was boater Richard Calderwood. But choosing the winning name wasn’t easy. The commission received dozens of entries, you may remember which included Headhunter, Potty Mouth, Poop Sloop, Discharge Barge, Floater, Poo Loo, Muck Sucker, Dung Dingy, Ship’s Log, Captain’s Log, Siphonette, Flapper, Mudhen, Winnie the Poo, Poo Pourrie, Gobbledygook, Doody Call and scores more.

This was the first year Salisbury had its own pump-out boat, paid for primarily from a state environmental grant. Previously, only Newburyport had a pump-out boat, but officials there said they couldn’t keep up with demand.

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