Pump-Out Boats Keep CT Waters Clean

Pumpout boat courtesy Coastal Environmental Services.

TheDay.com: Most of the few boaters around Brewer Yacht Yard Friday morning were cleaning and buffing their vessels, which were still out of the water on stands from the winter. But the 23-foot workboat manned by brothers Constantine and Harrison Macris maneuvered across the Mystic River to the docks to refuel as it had throughout the winter.

As summer approaches, the Macris brothers and their father, Dean, who run the nonprofit pump-out boat service that operates on the Mystic and lower Thames Rivers, were preparing to triple their in-water fleet.

They will launch their 2 other boats before Memorial Day. One will join the first in operating out of the Brewer marina in Mystic, while the third will operate out of the Gales Ferry Marina.

Last year, the 3 Coastal Environmental boats kept 80,000 gallons of waste out of local waters from 4,328 boat visits, bringing the sewage that would have gone into the rivers or Sound to shoreside facilities connected to municipal wastewater treatment plants.

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