Pumpout for Vineyard Ferries Proposed

Ferries in Woods Hole, MA. Photo by ##http://newenglandboating.com/author/tom## Tom Richardson##

Martha’s Vineyard Times: Working in cooperation with Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration, whose goal is to make all of Massachusetts’ coastal waters No Discharge Areas (NDAs), the Steamship Authority (SSA) has asked permission from the town of Tisbury to add pump-out facilities for its ferries berthed overnight at the Vineyard Haven terminal. The discharge would flow to the town’s sewer system.

Toilets and urinals aboard SSA ferries discharge to onboard marine sanitation devices (MSDs) that operate on salt water. Wastewater goes into tanks and through the MSD to remove most of the bacteria, Mr. Lamson said. Nitrogen is not removed, however.

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