Raymarine Ray70 VHF Radio


FLIR Systems has launched the Raymarine Ray70 Multifunction VHF radio. As Raymarine’s new flagship VHF, the 72-channel Ray70 streamlines multiple communication tools into a single device. The unit’s integral Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver simplifies installation and delivers critical vessel traffic information to compatible navigation displays.

When combined with an optional RayMic remote, the Ray70 also offers dual-station control and intercom capability. The Ray70 is being launched alongside the new Ray60 VHF and the ultra-compact Ray50 VHF. Each radio features high-quality speakers, noise-canceling technology, and a new design that matches the Raymarine MFD and Glass Bridge displays.

Key Features

  • Built-in AIS Receiver and 72 channel WAAS GPS
  • 25W Loudhailer output with listen-back and automatic fog signals
  • Dual-station and intercom capable with optional handset Accessory
  • Oversized LCD display for better viewing
  • Detachable fist-mic with built-in controls and mic relocation capability
  • Detachable gunmetal silver bezel and optional black bezel

Price: $649

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