Remaining Section of Old Jamestown Bridge to Be Torn Down

Most of the Jamestown Bridge was destroyed in a controlled demolition in April 2006. Photo courtesy Wikipedia.

Jamestown Press: The Rhode Island Department of Transportation announced the decision to dismantle the last remaining section of the old Jamestown Bridge this winter. RIDOT awarded the contract to demolish the 1,600 feet section protruding from the North Kingstown shoreline to Reagan Construction Corp., of Middletown, Rhode Island. The company agreed to complete the project for $961,000. Work will begin this month.

SAT map of Jamestown Bridge

The former 2-lane bridge connected Jamestown to the U.S. mainland for 52 years. The new 4-lane Jamestown-Verrazzano Bridge replaced the aging overpass in 1992.

The demolition of the main span in 2006 made national news when a spectacular display of explosives dropped the center of the 6,982-foot-long roadway into Narragansett Bay. Later, controlled explosive events brought down 3 sections of the bridge over a 4-month period.

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Will removal of the old Jamestown Bridge improve boating on Narragansett Bay?

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