Review: Lazarus World Voyage: A Hurricane Wreck Circumnavigates the Globe


When author Tim Sperry and 4 friends repaired and outfitted a storm-damaged 41’ ketch they had bought for $4,500, then decided to sail the boat around the world, they got more adventure than they bargained for.

Fresh out of college, the sailors set off from Marion, Massachusetts, in 1992 and returned 2 years later, having accomplished their goal, yet not without the inevitable personal conflicts, close calls and gear failures that come with such a massive undertaking.

Lazarus is an engaging reminiscence of an incredible journey that many sailors long to make, yet few accomplish. Along the way, Sperry relives the details of the young crew’s adventures (and misadventures) in distant tropical ports across the globe, including stops in the Virgin Islands, Tahiti, Madagascar, Easter Island and Australia. Along the way they fight, party, fall in love and share a life-changing experience.

By the end of the book, when Lazarus returns to Buzzards Bay, you’re just glad they made it alive—and perhaps a bit jealous that you weren’t sailing with them!

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