Mercury Marine has introduced a new fuel-saving propeller designed for high-horsepower outboard-powered boats. Called the Enertia ECO, the new prop is said to offer a 10% or better increase in fuel economy at cruising speeds.

In addition to
saving money, the Enertia ECO provides additional range from each tank of fuel. 

The Enertia ECO features a broad 16” diameter blade area and a high progressive rake, a combination made possible through Mercury’s proprietary X7 stainless-steel alloy. While the Enertia ECO design results in reduced hull drag through increased bow lift at cruising speeds, it still matches the performance of other Mercury propellers such as the Enertia and Revolution 4, according the Mercury’s test data.

At cruising speeds, the Enertia ECO posts a minimum of 10% fuel economy gain compared to Mercury’s existing line of offshore propellers. At today’s gas prices, the propeller alone could save the boater who puts 100 hours on his engine per year more than $550 per year, which translates to more than $5,500 over 10 years. In addition to saving money, the Enertia ECO provides additional range from each tank of fuel.

The Enertia ECO prop will be available to consumers beginning in January 2014 in right- and left-hand rotation across 4 pitches: 17”, 19”, 21” and 23”. All feature a 16” diameter.

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