Martha’s Vineyard couple Curtis Friedman and Heidi Feldman of Tisbury are producing 100% natural salt made from Atlantic seawater.

The couple collects the salt water directly from the ocean and filters it twice to remove debris and small organisms. The water is then placed in shallow evaporator ponds for 4 to 6 weeks until the remaining salt is ready for packaging. The coarse end product—referred to as a “finishing salt”—is meant to be spooned or sprinkled with the fingers onto food.
The company offers its sea salt in the following packages:

  • .3 oz. container (“The Traveler”): $4
  • 2 oz. sack (“The Hostess”) packaged in a muslin bag: $13
  • 4 oz. bag (“The Crave”): $13

Contact Information:
Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt
Call: (508-560-3315)



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