In his latest book, noted maritime author Michael Tougias (Ten Hours Until Dawn, Fatal Forecast) tells the harrowing true story of tragedy and human fortitude in the face of terrible odds at sea. In 2007, 2 sailboats were caught in a massive storm 250 miles off the East Coast. One, the Flying Colours, disappeared without a trace with 4 Rhode Islanders onboard. Another vessel, the Sean Seamour II, capsized, yet the 3 sailors managed to inflate their life raft and hang on for dear life.

The Coast Guard rescue crew.

Trying to reach the survivors were 4 Coast Guardsmen battling hurricane-force winds in their Jayhawk helicopter. By the time they arrived on scene, the seas were topping 80’, and the rescuers found themselves in almost as much trouble as the crew they were trying to save.

This 2007 disaster prompted one of the largest and most intense rescues in Coast Guard history. The Flying Colours’ disappearance remained a complete mystery, but Tougias’s research has turned up a plausible explanation for what happened to the young crew from Rhode Island.

Tougias, known for his fast-paced writing style and character-driven stories, tells this true saga in the present tense to give the reader an “edge of your seat” experience. A Storm Too Soon is a tale of the power of the human spirit, the unpredictable forces of nature, and one of the most incredible rescues ever attempted.

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