Celebrated sailing photographer Onne van der Wal has released a new book containing some of his best images. “Sailing” is a voyage around the world, capturing the joy, excitement and serenity of the sea.

With nearly 200 color photographs and 5 gatefold images, Sailing is a love letter to the nautical lifestyle.
“Sailing” is stunningly presented at 11” x 14”, with beautiful glossy pages that compliment van der Wal’s award-winning nautical imagery.

Over a lifetime devoted to sailing, Onne van der Wal has created an archive of the pursuit in all its varied forms, from classic yacht racing around Newport, to beautiful schooners cruising around St. Tropez, and from peaceful catamaran expeditions through the silent Antarctic to intense competition around the coast of New Zealand. “Sailing” is for everyone who longs to see the world from a sea-going vantage point and van der Wal has seen it all; in sweltering heat and falling snow, at the top of the mast and at the end of the spinnaker pole.

Book Information:

Learn more about Onne van der Wal by reading our New England Boating profile on the renowned photographer.


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