A 16’ fiberglass skiff with a spackle-finished interior is pretty basic, right? Not if it’s built by Towee Boats. The skiff features a sophisticated bottom with wide, reverse chines, a light stringer grid with seats that forms an efficient fishing interior, and a sophisticated convex/concave running surface aft.

Calusa 16

Towee offers the boat in 2 versions: the basic River Master 16 and the more customized Calusa 16. Both are narrow by most skiff standards, but the hull is stable enough for 3 people to stand and fish on. Power while fishing can be supplied by a bow-mount electric motor, a pushpole, or a rowing module designed for 9’ oars that can turn the Towee into a drift boat.

In addition to great stability, the hull planes efficiently with a 9.9-hp outboard, and fairly flies with a 20. Both the River Master and the Calusa will float in 4” of water or less, fully loaded. Meanwhile, the sharp, canoe-type bow, full-length chines, and raised sheer allow the hull to run through choppy water at low planing speeds.


  • LOA: 16′ 1″
  • Beam: 51″
  • Draft: 3.5” (4″ loaded)
  • Weight: 220-280 lbs.
  • Fuel: Portable tank
  • Max. power: 20 hp


  • River Master 16 (w/o engine): $2,995 (add $300 for flat floor)
  • Calusa 16: $4,700 (loaded w/ options)

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