Revolutionary 557-hp Outboard Unveiled

Looking for all the world like something out of Star Wars, the new 557-hp outboard from Seven Marine has set a new mark for the boating industry. The revolutionary 557 V8 outboard, which is based on a proven high-performance 6.2-liter GM automotive engine, was unveiled today (Thursday, February 17) at the Miami Boat Show to an audience brimming with anticipation, as buzz about the engine has been percolating for several weeks.

Introduction of the engines at the Miami Boat Show. Photo by Matt Koenig.

The 557 could prove a game-changer in the marine-propulsion industry, and promises to deliver automotive reliability and ease of service to the outboard market in a lightweight aluminum, fuel-injected, supercharged V8 package. By providing more power to the prop, the 557 sets new standards for weight and drag reduction.

Further, this is the first production outboard that can be custom-painted to individual specifications. Other innovative features include a sleek, hydrodynamic design, closed freshwater cooling, exposed rear cooling fins, clean integrated power steering and a hinged cowl. No price has been revealed as of yet. Stay tuned for more details on this groundbreaking outboard!

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